THE approvals OF LOCKK

The Lockk range is distinguished by the high quality of the materials used. All the products are ART and SCM approved and therefore meet the requirements of insurance companies. The large number of thefts of water sports products in general and outboard motors in particular is a reason for insurance companies to impose strict requirements on the quality of security products.

CCV/SCM approved

The abbreviation SCM stands for Stichting Certificering Motorrijtuigbeveiliging. Various types of locks are provided with the SCM seal of approval after meeting SCM requirements. The certification is important for insurers, because it shows that a vehicle is equipped with approved and certified security.

The SCM Seal of Approval provides theft prevention. The hallmark is issued for locks that meet strict requirements in terms of theft prevention. The SCM hallmark is especially applicable to outboard motor locks and to built-in alarm systems.

Art approved

Locks with an ART certificate offer the best protection in terms of anti-theft prevention. These locks have been extensively tested and are also approved by insurance companies when taking out theft insurance.

The ART quality mark is awarded to locks by the ART Foundation. This foundation's goal is to increase the level of theft prevention for vehicles. They test locks: approved products are given an ART quality mark. ART works with the allocation of stars: the more stars awarded, the higher the prevention value. Our cable locks are categorized by ART with 1 star. This is the maximum that can be given to a cable lock. For this it must meet a thickness of 20mm. Our other locks are categorized by ART with four stars.

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